Point Reyes Artist’s Open Studios in the spring was inspiring. I could not have anticipated just how soulful the conversations with visitors were! Thank you to everyone who showed up.

Studio music now, then and forever: Radio Círculo de Bellas Artes. Translation: Circle of Fine Arts radio. El Círculo de Bella’s Artes is the cultural heart of Madrid and was my neighborhood refuge when living there. In the studio, this radio station is my jam. Check it out.

I am the edge of a rusty blade these days, somehow crackling with raspy currents, charged with a need to shake it off like a dog emerging from the bay. This, this is skittering. Nerves! I’m nervous! There are too many mental to-do’s and not settling enough into the experience of doing/being with any of them. I stay with all of my works-in-progress, somewhat, rather than being with any one painting, completely, at a time… In less than two weeks I will be opening my art studio to the public for three full days (Memorial Day Weekend – May 26, 27 & 28) as a member of the Point Reyes Open Studios Group. Please come by! I should be calm and happy to see everyone by then… and serving lemonade with fresh organic herbs from our garden. I’ll be showing my work, selling cards & prints + taking custom orders.

Thrilled to be a very small part of this volume of the Inverness Almanac – my painting, “home” accompanies an essay entitled, “At Home in the Living World” by Nina Pick.

the inverness almanac is
a semi-annual print publication project;
a record and an artifact for posterity;
a collection of practical knowledge
and ruminations about our natural world;
an outlet for creative expression.

the inverness almanac is
a reflection of this confluence of place, time and community.
an expression of yearning for connection,
and for deep knowing of the interdependence of everything.

the inverness almanac is
in honor of our ancestors and
in service to the great mystery of here, now.

It began when the blackberry bushes, all thorns and stems from deep winter and frosted over, shone through the daybreak light. Sand alpaca shawl swiveling around my arms, fingertips cold. Throat, heart and cheeks warm from honeyed hot chocolate. Writing in the moments before the world awakens, Currents & Wings was born in my mind. Scanning perceptions and memory for what it is to connect to the currents of one’s nature and Nature itself, both uncontrollable, with Ease. To simultaneously align with and hone expression, the lone wild calls out into chaos of individual creation, the experiences sought and made. It feels good to group adjectives, conjure a scene and feeling tone with choice words. Things just happen. We, our cells, astronomical bodies, we choose. It is not force that makes things Go. To create is to choose to create, not to force oneself and resist that very forcing. The blackberry vines and branches curve relentlessly around one another in a heaping heaving form, taller than the neighbor’s shed and the very window through which I see them. Mustard, gold, some green and a dusty rose. Umber. Deep browns. Muted.