I am the edge of a rusty blade these days, somehow crackling with raspy currents, charged with a need to shake it off like a dog emerging from the bay. This, this is skittering. Nerves! I’m nervous! There are too many mental to-do’s and not settling enough into the experience of doing/being with any of them. I stay with all of my works-in-progress, somewhat, rather than being with any one painting, completely, at a time… In less than two weeks I will be opening my art studio to the public for three full days (Memorial Day Weekend – May 26, 27 & 28) as a member of the Point Reyes Open Studios Group. Please come by! I should be calm and happy to see everyone by then… and serving lemonade with fresh organic herbs from our garden. I’ll be showing my work, selling cards & prints + taking custom orders.

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